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Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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Meet Your Council

The Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council aims to improve the quality of life in the community through coordinated, sustainable and equitable delivery of services that focus on local priorities.

The Council administers the area bounded to the north by the Cook Shire and to the south by Douglas Shire.

The Council is responsible for providing essential services, infrastructure and housing to the local community. Councillors are also committed to ensuring that all other services such as health, education, law and order, land management, employment and training are accessible to the whole community.

Local Elections are taking place soon and nominations close on Tuesday 13 February 2024 at 12 noon.

wwasc local election information

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Councillor, download the FAQ "So you want to become a Councillor".

Councillors and portfolios

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Councillor Robert Bloomfield

Portfolio:Infrastructure/ Community Lifestyle – Sports and Recreation

Elected:Elected 2016 Deputy Mayor, Re-elected April 2020 as a Councillor

Register of Interests

Cr Bloomfield comes from Hopevale where he completed his schooling. He has had a variety of jobs including, stockman, mechanic, police officer in Hopevale and mining at the Cape Flattery Silica mine. He holds a Cert. III in Portable Sawmill Operations, Cert. IV in Chainsaw Management, Cert. IV Small Engines, Cert. IV Landscaping/Agriculture along with certifications operating a Frontend Loader and Backhoe and holds a Blue/White card.

He is passionate about education, music (plays the guitar), sports, taking kids camping on country and hunting. He is married to Robyn and has five children.

In his term as Councillor he would like to be involved with training the youth and to see all young people in the community undertake traineeships at the WWASC Council including more males included in administration roles. He believes that young people now need to step up and it is there chance to uplift the town and take ownership of the community.

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Councillor Vincent Tayley

Portfolio:Economic and Environment and Tourism, Land & Culture, Community Lifestyle, Law and Order

Elected:Elected 2012, Re-elected April 2016,re-elected April 2020 as Deputy Mayor. On leave of absence as of June 2023.

Register of Interests

Conncillor Vincent Tayley is a strong voice in the chamber and is passionate about upholding the language and culture of his Elders.

He has the vision and determination to ensure that the next generation of children are educated and that they respect and uphold cultural lore and values. He believes in respect for others and modern laws and that the next generation will proudly represent this in the future.

His focus for the next 4yrs is an improved infrastructure for the benefit of the whole community, capitalisation of tourism opportunities combined with sustainability and building a strong, robust resilient community that thrives with employment a genuine focus. Deputy Mayor Vincent Tayley has a partner and four children.


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Councillor Vanessa Tayley

Portfolio:Community Lifestyle, Audit committee.

Elected:Elected end of term September 2019, Re-elected April 2020

Register of interests

Local resident Vanessa Marie Tayley was elected to the Council on 26 September 2019. She has lived in Wujal Wujal most of her life and has always been a productive and strong community member.

She has worked at the Bloomfield River State School for over 10 yrs and is committed to empowering women and youth, having run several programs for the Wujal Justice Group.

She is passionate about youth and the community and wants to help provide better opportunities and encourage healthier lifestyle choices while actively influencing everyone in the community positively.


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Deputy Mayor Regan Kulka

Portfolio:Law and Order, Economic and Environment and Tourism, Land & Culture, Infrastructure, Audit committee

Elected:Elected 2012, Re-elected 2016, Re-elected April 2020.

Register of Interests

Commenced in Local Government in 2012 as a sitting Councillor at WWASC.

Cr Kulka has been heavily involved with the Men’s Group and working on issues that improve the welfare of men in the Community. He has a background in Environmental Health and has a passion for natural resource management.

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Mayor Bradley Creek

Portfolio:Governance and Finance portfolios and all other portfolios with relevant Councillors

Register of Interests

The Mayor has the Governance and Finance portfolios and all other portfolios with relevant Councillors

Mayor Bradley Creek commenced in Local Government in 2016 and has been a sitting councillor at Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council.

He holds a Certificate IIII and IV in Land Conservation gained during his employment with the Jabalbina Corporation Ltd.

He grew up in Wujal Wujal and has worked in administration at the Wujal Wujal Primary Health Clinic as well as working as a Carpenter in Community back in the CDEP days.

He also comes from a sporting and music background that includes rugby league and plays in his Cousin Brothers Harrigan Boys Band called ‘Black Image’.

He is part of the Jalunji, Ngungkul & Kaantju clan groups.

He has wide experience having lived in Coen working as a Ranger for his Dads Family Corporation Kalan, Brisbane where he gained his White Card and Blue Card in the construction industry and has worked in and around Brisbane. Also working as a scaffolder in Cairns.

Bradley is married to Meredith and together they have a blended family with children Jakayda, Reshali, Dickieram and Zhiranie.

He brings a fresh perspective to Wujal Wujal and is an advocate for community inclusivity, advocacy, communication and socialisation.