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Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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Please don’t forget that Wujal Wujal is an alcohol-free zone.

Local laws in our community

Your Council has responsibility for a number of local laws that protect our people, property, land and environment. As well as local parking permission, these laws include restrictions on the use of advertising signage and the activities of door-to-door salespeople in our region. 

To protect our public health, we oversee the control of animals, make sure that allotments do not become overgrown, reduce the potential for fire and other community hazards, and keep nuisances such as noise and pollution in check.

You can view the current Local Laws for the Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council in Registers.

Two crucial areas for the Council are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land management and alcohol management in our community.

Land management 

Wujal Wujal is in a World Heritage site, protected by international laws as well as national parks and reserves legislation. We want our local families and visitors to enjoy our landscapes and animals for generations to come. That is why we take our role seriously as protectors on behalf of the traditional custodians of our lands. Parts of our lands are designated for use as campsites and some areas are restricted. Some rivers and streams are off-limits for fishing. It is also an offence to drive on closed roads. It is illegal to steal native flora and fauna.

Many parts of our traditional lands are sacred sites and the Council is responsible for making sure that land restrictions are upheld. We administer the use of signage where appropriate to alert locals and visitors when they are near or about to enter a restricted site. 

Alcohol management programme

To enhance the health, wellbeing and social welfare of our community, Wujal Wujal is a dry area – that means that alcohol and drugs are not allowed in our region. Drinking in public places is banned. Penalties apply to residents, visitors, workers and travellers in Wujal Wujal who attempt to bring alcohol into people’s homes and on roads in the restricted area. This includes the Bloomfield Track.

You can read more about the community alcohol limits on the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships website:

Map of restricted areas:

Find out more

You can contact the Council for more information. Or download more information on our local laws and culture from the links below: