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Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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Animal management

The Council is committed to improving animal health in the community. We do this by making it easy for people to care for their pets by offering advice and links with vets in the region.

We register all animals and administer the animal breeding laws to control the number of animals in the region. We also provide an animal shelter and lost and found service.

The Council’s Animal Management Plan aims to improve animal health by increasing owners’ involvement in:

  • community awareness and responsibility
  • feral and pest animal control
  • visiting vet programme

Contact us

For all animal management and pet enquiries, including the lost and found service, please call the Council’s Animal Control and Environmental Health Officer: 

on  (07) 40839100

Animal breeding and management

An overpopulation of dogs can have an adverse impact on our native wildlife and environment. Dogs that are not cared for can also affect our community health as there are a number of diseases that can cross over from animals to humans. New laws were introduced in May 2017, making it illegal to breed dogs without a permit.  

Genuine dog breeders can register online on the Queensland Dog Breeder Register. Visit for more information. You will receive a dog breeder registration number to use when selling, advertising or giving away puppies to avoid paying a penalty fine.


Find out more about the current state law under the Animal Management Cats and Dogs Act 2008. Visit

We believe Wujal Wujal has the healthiest animals in Cape York Peninsula region.

This is due to the hard work of our Animal Management and Environmental Health team, working with pet owners and Elders to improve animal care and management in our community. 



Mosquito management

Mosquitos breed in wet areas in and around houses. They bring the threat of spreading a variety of viruses and Dengue fever. Wujal Wujal Council’s Indigenous Environment Health Worker is also a Pest Management Technician, trained and qualified to tackle domestic pest control. This includes spraying furniture, rooms and building surfaces where mosquitoes live and breed. 

For more details, please download our Mosquito Information leaflet.

Contact our Pest Management Technician:
Phone: 40839100